Will Kelly Ripa Return to Live! with Kelly and Michael?

kelly ripe live with kelly and michael

Is Kelly Ripa planning to return to Live! with Kelly and Michael or is she done for good? This is the question on everyone’s minds as the co-host of the hit morning show continues to be absent.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the drama, Kelly’s co-host Michael Strahan announced Tuesday morning that he was permanently leaving the show for a full time gig on Good Morning America. The issue you ask? Kelly, 45, reportedly found out about Michael’s departure at the same time the public did. Yikes.

Reports stated Kelly was reportedly very hurt, upset, and livid at both Michael, 44, for not telling her as well as with the ABC & Disney bigwigs for not keeping her in the loop about their secret negotiations with Michael.

TMZ reported that Kelly felt “betrayed” by Michael, and is now refusing to return to the show until Michael’s exit. The problem however is Michael’s departure isn’t scheduled to happen for months. There are however some rumblings that she might be coming back to the show next Tuesday though insiders insist she remains adamant about not wanting to host with Michael ever again.

It seems the best case scenario would be for the higher ups to speed up Michael’s exit if they want Kelly back. But don’t feel too bad for her as she reportedly earns $15 million a year.