‘The Real’ Threatens to Sue Tamar Braxton & Release Video of Her Blowing Up, After ‘Staged’ Crying Scene


Things are getting uglier in the Tamar Braxton vs ‘The Real‘ feud!

Following her rather surprising firing from the hit talk show, The Real and Warner Bros are now threatening to sue Tamar, 39, as they did not like the way they were portrayed on the Braxton Family Values reality show.

In addition to a possible lawsuit, the show producers are also threatening to release video footage which shows Tamar blowing up on the set and cursing out a producer. Yikes!

The reason? Those behind The Real are very unhappy about how Tamar portrayed the situation during the latest episode of her reality show. On Thursday’s episode, Tamar could be seen crying in the arms of her sister Toni Braxton as she reveals she did not see the firing coming. Even worse, Tamar strongly implies her former co-hosts Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Tamera Mowry, played a role in her departure from the show.

First the show calls foul on the now infamous crying scene stating it was “staged.”

“They reenacted the day that Tamar found out she was fired and staged an entire scene where Tamar is laying in bed crying and declaring that she doesn’t know why she was fired, while her sisters attempt to console her,’ a source revealed to the Daily Mail.

Even worse, the NY Post is also reporting that Tamar’s husband Vincent Herbert, who is also an executive producer on The Real, was actually aware that Tamar was going to get fired. Vince allegedly knew of the firing two weeks before he told Tamar.

Sources from the show reveal Warner Bros initially decided to drop Vince as an executive producer on the series and wanted to have a meeting with Tamar to help her keep her job. “They had completed a photo shoot for Season three,” the source said.

The source added: “Their intention was not to fire her, but because Vince was dropped as a producer he wouldn’t allow the executives to speak to his wife directly and that’s what pushed the network to not pick up her option either and can her from the show.”

On but there’s more! Warner Bros. is also threatening to release multiple videos of Tamar exploding on set, including one particular video which reportedly shows her having a meltdown and swearing at the show’s executive producer.

“Everyone on set will tell you that her actions that day were reprehensible and the epitome of insubordination. All the cursing and violent language, it was just a chaotic scene that will make Dennis Quaid’s movie set meltdown look like a nursery rhyme session at a daycare center,” the source stated, adding: “It would definitely affect her ability to get work in this business!”

The sources go on to add that they believe Tamar and Vince are trying to portray her as the victim to get the public on her side and aid her in finding a new TV gig.

I try not to take sides on this blog, but I must say I thought it was very wrong for Tamar to try to blame her co-hosts for her firing or to imply they betrayed her. If she’s upset with her firing, she should take it with the show, and not involve her co-hosts.