REPORT – Usher to be Sued by 2 Women and 1 Man Over STD Claims

Poor Usher as it seems this embarrassing STD scandal isn’t going to be going away anytime soon.

The latest is a report by TMZ claiming that two women plus a man are now planning to file a new lawsuit against the R&B superstar over claims he allegedly had sexual relations with them without disclosing his STD status.

See it recently came out that back in 2012, the 38-yr-old had to settle a lawsuit by a woman who claimed he infected her with Herpes. He reportedly had to pay that woman over $1 million to make that pesky situation go away.

Fast forward to today and celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom is revealing she will be filing the lawsuit against Usher this coming Monday and one of the women will appear at a news conference. The other two will however remain anonymous despite their lawsuits.

Usher has remained silent throughout this scandal.